Acting Academy

Mountainside Theatre Performing Arts Schoolis great training for those who would like to be considered for a position with “Unto These Hills.”  The summer of 2014 we offered six employment contracts to students who took the class and auditioned for summer work.

ACTING I / INTERMEDIATE – ages 8 and up – Tuesdays from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm First class September 8, 2015.Get a jump start into the fun world of theatre and performance.  In this class you will learn and or review the fundamentals of acting, including how to tell a story, stage directions, stage movement, projection, diction, proper theatre etiquette, using your imagination, beginning character development, staying in character and improvisation. Students will apply their skills through a short performance at the recital which is at the end of the school year.

MUSICAL THEATRE – ages 5 and up – Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm – First class September 10, 2015

The main objective is for the students to have a great time and learn how to “sell” a song to an audience. We will work on musical theatre technique, including learning lyrics, music and vocal dynamics, pitch training, character development, acting and stage movement. Every class session begins with a short physical and vocal warm-up.  Students will receive a CD and a notebook containing the music we will be working on for the semester.  Students will learn 8 to 10 songs and will perform 3 to 5 of those numbers for the recital.

COMMUNITY GROUP – ages 14 and up – Tuesdays AND Thursdays from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm First meeting is September 8, 2015.  This is a great add on for the student 14 and up that loves to perform.  This session focuses on a play to be chosen for the group.  If you have a little theatre knowledge or a lot of theatre knowledge you will love working with other individuals who love to perform like you do.


Class fee without the scholarships
$150 for one class
$200 for two classes
$225 for all three

2015-2016 registration form – student

2015-2016 registration form – adult

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