Tsalagi Touring Program

The Oconaluftee Indian Village is a recreated Cherokee Village of the 1700s. Here the history and culture of the Cherokee People comes to life as modern Cherokee demonstrate the ways of their ancestors handed down from generation to generation.

Today, we can bring a truly Cherokee experience to you. Through our Village Touring Program your community, school, civic or social group, historical society, event or festival can provide audiences with a glimpse into the history and culture of the Cherokee People. You may choose from one of our touring packages or we can create a package that best fits your needs. Whatever you choose, you will be experiencing something uniquely Cherokee.

Craft Demonstrations include Beadwork, Basketry, Pottery, Finger Weaving, Weaponry and Woodcarving. Using glass beads, a steel needle and flax thread our ladies create beautiful mosaics of beads each with its own story. White Oak and River Cane are used to make baskets of varying heights and designs to be used for storage, trade, or the transport of goods. Native clay found along streams and rivers is carefully shaped and carved to make pottery for everyday use. Using colorful wool yarn our ladies weave intricate designs for belts, sashes, shawls, and blankets. Our men create arrowheads, knife blades, and spear points using flint or obsidian. Men also carved tools, weaponry, and other useful items from wood like hickory, oak, or white pine. Using centuries old techniques our demonstrators rekindle the ancient arts and crafts of their ancestors.

Traditional dances of the Cherokee were used for social gatherings and as a form of prayer. Social dances reflect the Cherokee connection with the natural world through colorful dances such as the Bear, Buffalo, Quail, Horse and Beaver Dance. They also reflect communal harmony demonstrating the belief of working together as a village as shown in the Corn and Friendship dance. The closest representation of a prayer dance is performed as the Village Stomp, a carefully crafted dance showing elements of prayer dances while not compromising their sanctity.

Our storytellers relay legends and myths that have been handed down from generation to generation and our historical interpreters introduce to you the rich and colorful heritage of the Cherokee People.

We are proud to share our history and culture with you; across the nation and around the world. The Cherokee story is one of triumph and we provide audiences with a glimpse into our ancient ways of life.

For more information about our touring program please contact our Program Coordinator Lisa at 828-497-2111  or via email at Lisa@cherokeeadventure.com

**Note: Travel Requests that are beyond 300 miles from Cherokee will be quoted on an individual basis. We are happy to travel any distance to share our story with you, however, we request that you give us 2 weeks minimum notice to accommodate your request. Sgi (Thank You).**

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